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E55 – Investing In An Evolving Retail Sector

Online shopping has been a blessing for some, and a nightmare for many others. E-Commerce stores have been putting pressure on many retail tenants, especially those who only offer physical products. However, despite all of the negativity, this can create a very unique investment opportunity. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, it is important to talk to an expert in the sector to discuss what is taking place in the asset class as…

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E54 – Should You Be Lending Money To Real Estate Flippers In Today’s Economy

One investment vehicle that is not often thought of but good to utilize is debt. Hard money loans are a great way to invest in debt since they provide the ability to get reliable, passive income while protecting the investor from equity risk. If done correctly, it can be very successful. Sometimes mistakes are made though, and investors will really suffer the consequences. Today we are going to talk about whether you should be lending…

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E53 – Will Rising Interest Rates In New Development Kill The Self-Storage Market

The moment you decide to invest, the next question becomes “Where do I put my money?” There are many different asset classes to choose from, even in the real estate sector. One of which is self-storage which is my favorite but has not been discussed in much detail. There have been significant changes in the industry that have raised questions, primarily concerning rising interest rates. Therefore, today we are going to talk about rising interest…

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E51 – Speculating vs Investing

Investing can be both scary and exciting. Investment opportunities each come with their own risk level and can be successful or a flop. Going for a risky investment may not always be the best choice and may not pay out how you would like. Today we will talk about speculating versus investing and how different investments can have drastically different results.

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E49 – How To Create Your Morning Routine, Balance Work and Life, and Reverse Engineer Your Goals

Balancing work and life can be complicated and you may not know where to start. Having a routine that works for you is step one and is important because it reduces stress while creating good habits. Today we will talk about how to create your morning routine, balance work and life, and reverse engineer your goals. In doing so, you will construct healthy habits that will contribute to your success.

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E48 – How To Get Investors’ Attention, Keep It, and Pitch Anything with Oren Klaff

Getting an investor’s attention may come naturally to you but keeping it is essential. Within the first thirty seconds of conversation, you can make errors that completely dissuade your potential investor from actually investing. Today we will talk about how to get investors’ attention, how to keep it, and pitch anything. Learning how to effectively communicate is the first step in obtaining new investors.

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E47 – Key Concepts From The Due Diligence Handbook of Commercial Real Estate

Due diligence is a topic that is covered frequently in the investment community, but it is one that continues to be important. Today we are talking about Key Concepts from ‘The Due Diligence Handbook for Commercial Real Estate’. We are also lucky enough to be joined by the author of the book who will share his insights and his current investment strategy.

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E46 – How Mathew Owens Supercharges His Self-Directed Retirement With 68% Annual Returns

Today we are going to talk about supercharging self-directed retirement accounts, which is one of our favorite CFC podcast episodes. As many of you know, I am huge proponent of self-directed retirement accounts, which are essentially retirement accounts which allow you to invest in anything, including private equity real estate while maintaining the tax advantaged status.

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