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E18 – How to Passively, Securely, and Lucratively Invest in Notes

Investing in notes is a very important topic because debt should play a role in any serious real estate investor’s portfolio for many reasons. When structured properly, notes should be very passive. The risk profile is essentially unparalleled because of the amount of protection they can provide. Additionally, the cash flow is extremely non-volatile and predictable. Also, they can be bought, sold, and leveraged as an investment instrument, allowing a lot of flexibility for knowledgeable…

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E16 – Investing in America’s Most Underappreciated Asset Class: Mobile Home Parks

Whether you like it or not, mobile home parks are quickly becoming the hottest investment asset class in the U.S. The combination of the 10,000 baby boomers entering retirement every day with very little savings and the zoning restrictions limiting the supply of MHPs creates a very rare investment profile, the likes of which is completely unparalleled. However, it takes much more than a broad investment thesis to make investing in mobile home parks lucrative.

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E15 – Lessons from the Wealthiest Families in the World

Our guest for today is M.C. Laubscher, who is the President and Founder of Valhalla Wealth Financial, a wealth advisory company. Also, M.C. is the host of a very well-known investment podcast, Cashflow Ninja. The podcast is frequently ranked in the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes. Feel free to check it out in the links below… Today, we discuss some of the pillars of financial freedom from a guest who has spent a tremendous…

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E14 – Controlling Your Future Through Self-Directed Retirement

The topic for today is Controlling Your Future Through Self-Directed Retirement. Unfortunately, self-directed retirement is the most under-utilized investment vehicle in the US. These vehicles allow investors to supercharge their returns by taking full control over their retirement savings. This is only of many reasons I am very excited to get into this topic. First, we are going to discuss what self-directed retirement accounts are, how you can use them, and, more importantly, how you…

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E13 – Everything You Need to Know About Senior Housing

There has been a tremendous amount of buzz in the Senior Housing space for about two decades, but where can you go to get accurate industry information? Today, our guest is Doug Fullaway, who is the founder of FourteenPlus. Doug is a master of identifying opportunity in the senior housing space. Today, we are going to talk about demographics, market analysis, intricacies of the asset class, and private vs. government pay…and much more!

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E12 – Avoiding Major Mistakes When Investing in Hard Money Loans

Today, we are going to get into the details of investing in hard money loans, an important topic that we haven’t yet discussed. Investing in debt can play a crucial role when building a portfolio because it allows you to have access to liquidity much faster than typical real estate investment hold periods. Of course, you are also able to receive the benefits of passive cash flow, without the headaches that go along with owning…

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E11 – Preparing for the Future: Trends, Technologies, and Economic Shifts in CRE

The topic for today is Preparing for the Future: Trends, Technologies, and Economic Shifts in CRE. In this episode, we discuss some of the important changes that are set to take place over the next 5-10 years and these trends should affect your investment strategy. How are self-driving cars going to affect the value of your real estate’s parking lots? What effect will robots and automation have on your investment portfolio? What is going to…

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E10 – Uncharted Territory: CRE Lending, Interest Rates, and Political Incentives

Today, we are joined by Ethen Penner, Founder and President of Mosaic to answer some of these questions and more. Ethan is a legend in the real estate and finance space due to his 35 years in the industry spent successfully identifying and responding to unseen or poorly understood opportunities. Most consequently, he is credited with being the primary driver in the creation of the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities market while at Nomura Securities, for which…

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E09 – Building a Truly Diverse Portfolio w/ David Coe

Virtually every financial planner on the planet agrees that diversification is absolutely critical for the protection of capital. However, both the guest and I believe that true diversification requires doing much more than simply investing in several different stocks. In fact, there are many elements of diversification, even within real estate including passive vs. active investments, amortized vs. non-amortized payment schedules, and the many different asset classes within the real estate sector itself. Not to…

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