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E43 – Risks and Rewards of $100mm+ SoCal Ground Up Development

The most fundamental stage of any real estate is one that hasn’t been covered in great detail on the program yet. It is Ground Up Development and it is not nearly as simple as buying a cash flowing asset. There are many things that can go wrong with development due to the many moving parts that it consists of. The returns can make up for the additional risk if the market dynamics are favorable and…

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E42 – Supercharge Your Business With Rocket Fuel

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of wanting to take their business to the next level but are unsure of which avenues to take to do so. Finding a partner, which duties should be outsourced, and how much to spend on those duties are all things that can be seriously difficult to answer and carry out. Knowing how to achieve all of these things can cause a business to grow exponentially.      

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E39 – Financial Freedom Principles With Gary Johnston

Most people know that market analysis, due diligence, and underwriting are all necessary skills to be successful in real estate. However, one of the most important skills of investing in real estate is often overlooked by real estate education professionals. I’m referring to the ability to understand money in a way that allows you to see the big picture, plan for the future, and execute on that plan.

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E38 – Will We Set The Record For Longest Economic Recovery Ever?

Our guest today Ali Wolf who is the Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research. Most of her work focuses on recessions, their leading indicators, and their implications. Ali conducts this research in order to advise real estate investors, builders, and real estate-focused hedge funds. We don’t waste anytime jumping into some of the details in terms of what she is seeing from the recent data. We cover a significant amount of ground in the…

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E37 – Investing In Land For Pennies On The Dollar With Mark Podolsky

Despite the recent run-up in prices across virtually real estate asset class type, Mark Podolsky, our guest today, has been able to identify, source, and close hundreds of purchases which are less than 65% below market value. How? By investing in one of the most fragmented asset types in real estate: raw land. You will be surprised at how simple yet lucrative Mark’s business has been over the last 18 years.   He is also…

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E36 – Residential Investment Strategies Of A Self-Made Millionaire

Our guest for today is Jason Hartman who is the founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network. From very humble beginnings Jason quickly worked his way to the top one- percent of realtors in the US and in quick succession earned a number of prestigious industry awards and became a young millionaire. He is also the host of one of the most popular real estate investing podcasts on iTunes, Creating Wealth with Jason Hartman.   Here…

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35 – Is Multi-Family Going Crazy Again?

Today, we are going to hear a cautionary perspective on the current state of commercial real estate, particularly in the multi-family sector. Our guest is Jack Ehrman, who is the co-founder of Post Investment Group. Jack is wicked smart, knowledgeable, and extremely cautious about buying in today’s market. In fact, he says that his real estate firm basically isn’t buying real estate at this point. Here are some of the topics we discuss…

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