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E28 – How To Create Wheelbarrow Profits Through Multimillion Dollar Refinances

Our guests for today are Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro who are real estate entrepreneurs who specialize in the affordable multi-family sector. Together, they control over 700+ apartment units.  Recently, they co-authored a book which is titled Wheelbarrow Profits, which teaches investors the three pillars of investing in multi-family apartments: Buy Right, Manage Right, and Finance Right.

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E27 – Is It Possible To Time The Real Estate Market? w/ Robert Campbell

You may have heard people say that timing markets is a fool’s errand. You could even make the case that failed attempts at timing the market have resulted in a significant amount of the devastation which has taken place throughout US real estate history. However, regardless of whether or not you want to believe it, market timing can be the single most important determining factor in the investment life-cycle of an opportunity, particularly in volatile…

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E25 – Doug Casey: International Investing Strategies Of The Most Interesting Man In The World

Today, we are going to discuss international investing with one of the most well-known speculators in the world. Our guest for today is Doug Casey, who is best known as an economic commentator, investors, and author of seven books. He has been a New York Times bestseller, a guest on 100+ radio shows, and has been featured on Time, Forbes, and many others publications.

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E23 – Taking A Detailed Look At Multi-Family Underwriting w/ Antonio Marquez

Our guest for today is Antionio Marquez, who is a Managing Parter of Comunidad Realty Partners. Antonio knows the multi-family business inside and out and has a very thorough understanding of the underwriting process. Today, we are going to take a very detailed look at some of the key metrics you should be looking at, and how you should be conservatively underwriting your transactions so that you can set realistic expectations.

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