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E79 – Are San Francisco Real Estate Prices About To Fall Off A Cliff?

Many people have been wondering what is going on with the San Francisco real estate market, and there’s a good chance you are too. San Francisco prices have peaked, and normally the more significant the parabolic shift to the upside, the more catastrophic the downside is. Many data points are suggesting that the San Francisco market is slowing, but what does that mean? 

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E78 – How You Can Leverage Technology With Your Real Estate Business

It’s no surprise that technological advances have changed our world and the way we live. Although, over the last 20 years technology has disrupted a great deal of business and even entire sectors of the economy, including real estate. Due to these changes, we now have the MLS which is a website that hosts all of the current real estate listings from all over the United States and makes them viewable to every realtor in the US. Prior to…

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E77 – How Ted Benna Invented the 401k

While coming into 2019, take a look at all the previous inventions and technology that has made present life as it is. Could you recall who invented most of these modern features? You probably couldn’t, due to the overwhelming amount of inventors that have contributed beneficial innovations throughout the centuries. One of these inventions you may use through your employer is the 401(k) plan. The 401(k) has become the United States’s most popular retirement vehicle with more than…

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E76 – Why Jim Rogers Thinks the Next Crash Will Be Worse Than 2008

Many people are willing to make claims about the financial markets, but if they actually manage a fund, you can see that some of the claims they make don’t actually line up with their behavior in terms of the investments that they are making. This is not the case with our guest for today. Back in 2007, he went on CNBC at the peak of the US housing bubble and spoke about how he was selling his…

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E75 – What Does GDP Tell Us About the State of the Economy

There are several data points that make up the GDP and from this data, we can imply a significant amount about our economic outlook. If you keep up with economic blogs or follow the market, you are aware that for the first time in 10 years things are starting to shift. We are seeing GDP growth numbers coming down on a quarterly basis, late in the cycle. We are going to discuss what those shifts look…

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Bonus Episode – 2018 Highlights, 2019 Outlook, and Having Fun at VO2 Max

As 2018 comes to a close and we embark on 2019, I believe it is important to not only go over the highlights of this past year but also provide my outlook for 2019. Starting out, I want to give a big thank you to all of you. We have been able to purchase about $45mm of CRE in 2018, and a vast majority of that equity was invested by the listeners of the program. This…

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E73 – Developing Class-A Apartment Units in Austin, Texas

If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate sector as a whole, you’re most likely aware that Austin, Texas has been one of the hottest, if not the hottest, market in the United States for the last 10 years or so. They have had never before seen price increases, as well as tens of thousands of apartment units coming online simultaneously, and that doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. This may…

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E74 – Are Series LLCs the Asset Protection Strategy of the Future

The complexity involving investments becomes greater with each active investment an individual has. This is primarily due to tax laws and the need to file tax returns for each investment.  A new strategy is beginning to emerge that can dramatically reduce the difficulty of filling tax returns on your investments. This concept is known as a Series LLC and it will allow you to take all of your investments and merge them into one LLC, which will allow you to file a single tax…

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E72 – Achieving Parabolic Growth Through Masterminding

Years ago, many companies were offering real estate coaching for exorbitant amounts that many people couldn’t afford, or did not desire to pay. Some of these coaching programs hit $100,000 dollars, and others surpassed this appalling amount. Many individuals who took these coaching sessions got swindled due to the fact that a lot of the coaches had less functional real estate experience than the people they were teaching. Now that many people have shared their negative experiences regarding…

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E71 – Creating Systems To Acquire Assets From 5000 Miles Away

Some of the best strides individuals have made in their career happen during a “sink or swim” period when they are forced to take urgent actions while in a particular situation. The steps that are taken during these periods tend to create significant results. When it comes to investing, this same “sink or swim” mentality can open up many doors that you may have not thought possible. Our guest for today is a prime example of the success…

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