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E70 – How To Avoid Cognitive Biases When Making Investment Decisions

Everybody has an inner voice that either consciously, or subconsciously, affects our judgment and decision making. When it comes to investors, this internal voice can become very deep seeded in our thought processes and can become hard to identify, leading to poor decision making. This phenomenon is called cognitive bias and it affects each person to some degree. Learning how to avoid cognitive biases can allow you to make better investment decisions which lead to a more secure…

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E69 – Macroeconomic Outlook From A Former IMF Consultant

Nobody can predict the future with 100% accuracy even though many may try. Since the future of the economy and housing market are not set in stone, a multitude of investors can find themselves feeling apprehensive. Changes in the economy can lead to substantial gains or devastating losses that can have a drastic impact on investors. While no one can see the future, learning about trends and speaking to other knowledgeable individuals is important to get a…

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E68 – What you Need To Know About The 2018 Tax Bill

Taxes are one thing that nobody can avoid, although many people do not fully understand the tax laws in place. Recently, there have been some important updates to the tax laws due to the 2018 Trump Tax Bill. As an investor, it is crucial to understand these laws in order to reap the maximum benefits. As your investment situation becomes more complicated, it may be beneficial for you to invest in an educated tax expert who specializes in real estate…

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E67 – He Left Australia Six Years Ago Now He Controls $70 Million of Real Estate

Investing can be worrisome, exciting, and gratifying simultaneously, yet the fear of failure may restrain numerous individuals. With each investment comes risk, even more so if you don’t have adequate resources or a secure network. Even if these challenges are present, it does not ultimately mean failure in the investment world. Our guest for today is a leading exemplar in how to overcome obstacles and become a successful investor despite having limited funds and no network…

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E66 – Creating And Nurturing Relationships With People Of Influence

Behind every conversation that has occurred and that will in the future is one underlying theme, relationships. Besides having an amiable disposition, being at the right place at the right time can also lead to many relationships. Although, when neglected, your connections with others can begin to falter and eventually vanish. Taking specific actions on a regular basis can help these connections thrive, which in turn helps you professionally and personally.

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E65 – What To Watch Out For When Reading The Legal Documents

For most people, their least favorite part of the investment process is reading the legal documents. There are a couple of provisions in the legal documents where there can be a significant variance between what is typically done, what is investor-favorable and what is inappropriate. Individuals tend to have different perspectives as to what should be focused on in these legal documents as well as what to expect. Above all, it is critical to read these documents,…

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E64 – Why Should You Consider Using Wyoming For Your Next LLC

Every state has different laws that determine what you can and cannot do. When it comes to asset protection, knowing the differences can cause you to keep your fortune or completely lose it. Even though there are many states to choose from, many deals use Delaware LLCs due to their proficiency in asset protection. Even though it is not commonly thought of, Wyoming is our guest’s state preference for asset protection.

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E62 – How To Avoid Six Figure Mistakes and Generate More Passive Cashflow

Mistakes happen, especially when you are just beginning in the investment world. The key to success is learning from them and adapting your strategies to maximize profit. Investment errors do not mean failure and do not signify defeat. Our guest is a very active real estate investor and syndicator, despite making virtually every investment mistake. 

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E61 – How Geopolitics, Bonds and the Dollar Impact Real Estate Investments

Whether you watch the news on television or read it in a paper, there is a good chance you are left with some questions. When the news is full of talk about the dollar collapsing and not remaining the world reserve currency, many people wonder what that means for them. That question often remains unanswered, which is why we are going to discuss these topics today in order to find the much needed answers.

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