E39 – Financial Freedom Principles With Gary Johnston

Most people know that market analysis, due diligence, and underwriting are all necessary skills to be successful in real estate. However, one of the most important skills of investing in real estate is often overlooked by real estate education professionals. I’m referring to the ability to understand money in a way that allows you to see the big picture, plan for the future, and execute on that plan.

Our guest for today is Gary Johnston, who has dedicated a significant portion of his career to helping people grasp these seemingly simple, yet powerful concepts. Gary’s programs played a significant role in the success of many of the high performing real estate investors out there.

In this discussion we discuss…

– Our guest’s unique live event “Financial Freedom Principles” and some of the key takeaways
– What Gary is currently investing in given where we are in the market cycle
– The benefits of investing in notes for maximum flexibility
– Examples of uniquely structured deals which include creative strategies like sleeping seconds and mortgage wraps

From my perspective, if you are associated with people who think of Gary Johnston as a legend, you are well on your way to being successful in real estate.

Like I mentioned in this interview, his course was one of the first and most influential seminars I went to when I was just getting started. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in getting a full grasp of the financial calculator.

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