E273 – What Should Passive Investors Be Focused on During Due Diligence? w/ Kim Taylor, Securities Attorney

Creating security documents can be a headache, as well as an expensive process. However, it’s important to have these documents correctly created prior to the investment process, to avoid any costly mistakes or nightmares. Our guest for today is extremely experienced in the creation of these documents and points out key components that must be paid attention to. 

Our guest for today is Kim Lisa Taylor who is a nationally recognized corporate securities attorney and best selling author. She’s also the founder of Syndication Attorney’s which is a Florida based firm that helps issuers create their securities documents as well as their marketing documents. She has created hundreds of securities offerings and was listed in the Top 100 People in Finance magazine.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How passive investors can “trust but verify” claims made by the sponsor
  • The key components of the legal documents that investors should be focused on
  • What actions investors can do when things go wrong during an investment

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