E25 – Doug Casey: International Investing Strategies Of The Most Interesting Man In The World

Today, we are going to discuss international investing with one of the most well-known speculators in the world.

Our guest for today is Doug Casey, who is best known as an economic commentator, investors, and author of seven books. He has been a New York Times bestseller, a guest on 100+ radio shows, and has been featured on Time, Forbes, and many others publications.

In this interview, we are going to discuss…

– Is it actually important to consider investing internationally?
– How can you mitigate the risks associated with investing in a country with 3. different tax laws and cultures?
– What countries currently present the most favorable risk-adjusted returns for investors and speculators?
– How have recent laws affected U.S. citizen’s ability to invest internationally?
– What real estate asset classes still present an opportunity in the U.S.?
– Is there an opportunity for investment in Venezuela?

We cover a significant amount of topics that we have never discussed on the show before, all of which could be their own entire episode.

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Additionally, we have received a significant amount of comments about E1 with Jeremy Roll where we talk about Due Diligence. There is so much useful content and takeaways in that episode, that we are transcribing it into an eBook. This way, whenever you are doing do diligence on a specific opportunity, you can scroll to that part of the discussion and find the takeaways we discuss, without skimming the entire 1-hr+ discussion.

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