E243 – How These CFCMP Graduates Got Their First $1 Million Under Management

Raising that first million is the hardest part! Once the first million is invested and you begin to have systems in place, future raises become easier and more attainable. There are many different ways to hit this first milestone, and selecting a path that works best for you is key to your first successful raise. 

Our guests for today include Tait Duryea, Sujata Shyam, and Mary Nguyen. These individuals are all incredibly talented and are all in different places in their career, yet have come together to build something great. Being previous members of the CFC Mentorship Program, they were all able to come together to share their experiences and grow together, which has been very motivating and exciting to watch.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guests went from $0 AUM to $1mm+
  • Identifying quality partners who have different strengths
  • Our guests’ experiences in the CFC Mentorship Program and their big key takeaways

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