E175 – How Dan Handford Combines Class A Multifamily with Online Marketing

In a recent MM episode, it was discussed that to succeed at a high level you must use all of the tools at your disposal. Our guest for today is a prime example of the success that can be had once you follow these steps. He came up with an investment thesis that focuses on Class A apartment investing. There is heavy debate as to whether or not Class A is the way to go, but like everything in real estate, each market is different, and the data our guest brings to the table is certainly compelling.

Our guest for today is Dan Handford, who is a Managing Partner with Passive Investing.com. He is the Founder of Multifamily Investor Nation, where he educates a nationwide group of multifamily investors on how to properly invest in multifamily assets. Dan is also the co-host of the Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs podcast.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Our guests background and how he created a truly self-managing company
  • Some of the reasons that people stay away from Class A and our guest’s perspective on each of those reasons
  • How our guest uses online marketing as a tool to grow his business

Learn more about our guest:

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