Discover a stable real estate asset class that’s visible everywhere but often overlooked.

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Learn about the most under-represented asset class in the crowdfunding space: self-storage.

Investment in this asset class only gained ground in the last 30 years, but it’s now a $28.2 billion per year industry. In fact, there are as many self-storage facilities as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway branches combined.

In this eBook, we show you the many reasons self-storage has quickly become one of the most desirable recession-resistant investments in the U.S. Get your copy today!

The eBook goes into detail about the following:

  • Economic indicators that suggest it is an exciting time to focus on recession-resistant assets like self-storage.
  • The reasons self-storage can weather economic downturns, attract a “sticky” tenant-base, and generate lucrative returns through the implementation of unique value-add strategies.
  • The calculations investors need to accurately predict a facility’s profitability, as well as operational efficiencies.
  • Examples of how several asset-specific strategies can generate monthly income, as well as significantly increase the property’s resale value.

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