Are We Heading Towards A Massive Depression? With Harry Dent – E761 – CFC

In times of change and economic shifts, I’m dialing up one person to make sense of it all…

Harry Dent.

Harry is a market mover and best-selling author with unparalleled expertise in the history (and future) of the economy.

That’s why, today, I interview Harry on what’s been happening in the economy to bring about these unprecedented and uncertain times to make sense of what’s to come.

Back in ‘08-2009, central banks were in panic mode and started printing money to avoid recessions…

A move Harry STRONGLY disagrees with, and for good reason…

Though no one really loves recessions, they’re as essential as booms for a thriving economy.

But, those wielding monetary power have been trying their best to delay the inevitable burst of the economic bubble…

Which Harry now predicts will hit late 2024…

And it’s likely we’re headed for a great depression rather than a small recession.

BUT, like businesses, the free market economy thrives on both failure and success…

The economy is trying to deflate and we should let it or face an even bigger bust.

The bubble is about to burst, so err on the side of caution and take action to protect your wealth.

Tune in today to discover how the economy self-corrects and where the markets are headed so you can prepare for the best (and the worst) times ahead!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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