[RaiseFest ’24] Risks of Partnerships & Co-GPs Most Capital Raisers NEVER Think About – E833 – CFC

When you are looking to raise capital, having a partner or co-GP can be great for business…

But, it could also tank your deals, depending on the person…

That’s why, today, I’m sharing a RaiseFest ‘24 exclusive presentation by Chad Zdenek on the risks that come with these business relationships and how to avoid them.

Chad is the GP for 750 multifamily units and 3,000 self-storage units and has learned a lot about what can go wrong when you team up with the wrong people…

He has seen it all and more from co-GPs who are a liability rather than an asset to your team…

I’m talking about neglecting crucial information when talking to investors, poor communication, partners who are negative to their own team, and much more…

The consequences of a bad co-GP could end up in disgruntled investors, a tarnished reputation, losing future investors, or even lawsuits and SEC complaints.

But, this isn’t to say all partnerships are bad, just that you should err on the side of caution when choosing who to work with.

So, tune in today to find out how you can avoid inviting the wrong people into your deals and partner with those who will help scale your business!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Chad Zdenek


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