E662 – FF – Stop Letting This Hidden Tax Stunt Your Growth

Welcome to a new episode of Freedom Friday, where I dive deep into strategies and tactics for intermediate and advanced entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode, I address a common challenge that high-achieving individuals face: the hidden tax that stifles growth. While our program attracts intelligent and wealthy listeners, often from fields like architecture, engineering, and medicine, there’s a problem with being skewed towards intellect.

I discuss the entrepreneurial triangle, which consists of horsepower (intellect), humility, and hustle. Many brainiacs focus solely on intellect, neglecting the importance of humility and hustle in entrepreneurial success.

I explore how an imbalance in these areas can lead to a hidden tax, known as opportunity cost, which slows down progress. By taking imperfect action and making decisions at a faster pace, entrepreneurs can reduce this hidden tax and compound their success over time.

Tune in to learn more about unlocking your entrepreneurial potential and achieving extraordinary results.

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