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E64 – Why Should You Consider Using Wyoming For Your Next LLC

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Every state has different laws that determine what you can and cannot do. When it comes to asset protection, knowing the differences can cause you to keep your fortune or completely lose it. Even though there are many states to choose from, many deals use Delaware LLCs due to their proficiency in asset protection. Even though it is not commonly thought of, Wyoming is our guest’s state preference for asset protection.

Our guest for today is Garrett Sutton who is a nationally acclaimed corporate attorney and asset protection expert. He has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. His best sellers include Start Your Own Corporation and Loopholes For Real Estate. He is the founder of Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, which since 1998 has provided affordable asset protection to investors around the world.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What states offer the best asset protection
  • What is a “charging order” and how does this play a role in selecting the correct entity
  • What percentage of entities are ruled invalid by the courts
  • How you can significantly increase your changes to maintain the corporate veil
  • Why you should consider holding your passive investments in an LLC

Learn more about our guest:
Phone Number: 800-600-1760

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